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Our business verticals

The Kala Jyothi advantage is expertise developed through decades of experience, technological enhancements and strategic infrastructure investments. Kala Jyothi today provides a gamut of print solutions to its customer. Kala Jyothi’s specialised business verticals help to focus better on a continuously increasing customer base with diverse range of printing needs.

Versatility at its best !!

Packaging is consumer’s first introduction to the product. Our packaging division ensures that your customer has the best first experience and an impactful brand recall through our high-quality packaging solutions.  

Through the last decade, at Kala Jyothi we have advanced our packaging portfolio ranging from mono cartons to multi-part packaging for confectionary & sweets to rigid boxes for FMCG products. We use highly mechanised operations to deliver high-precision and high-volume orders.

Mono Carton CROP

Mono cartons for FMCG products

Rigid boxes

Confectionary & sweet boxes

Corrugated liner boxes

Customised packaging solutions

On the shop-floor

Multicolour sheet-fed offset, conventional and UV printing machines
SBL Brausee automatic foiling machine
Brausee automatic punching machine
Checkmate-50 QC inspection system
Brausee folder gluer
Hongming rigid box making machine
Tray and carton formation machine
Rigid box case and tray assembly line

Thermal and wet glue lamination machine, flood UV coating machine, spot UV machine.​

Our packaging client partners